• Our shoes are 100% Original (UA Shoes/ Excess Quantity Lots).
  • There can be minor imperfections which can be seen at a closer observation, and can be neglected if you compare our price with the official price.
  • We are not manufacturers’ licensed retailer or reseller for any of the branded products, we sell. We buy these products from licensed vendors based in Vietnam, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia & Philippines, but still we cannot assure you about product’s life, as it purely depends on how you use it. We are not liable for durability and performance issues.
  • We can only assure you that these are 100% original products and can be replaced/ returned/ Refunded (if product not used)
  • Prices are fixed but can be flexible if you buy bulk quantities (5 or more pairs), no discounts are offered otherwise
  • In the case of dispatch using a courier company, sometimes shipment may take longer than usual time due to natural causes, but still we will try to be on time.